Advertising is the mainspring of commerce, including e-commerce, or perhaps primarily e-commerce.

Can you imagine a situation where you set up a company, next a website… and this is it? Will your Clients flock into your store? Not a very realistic vision. This is as if you set up your business in the middle of a forest and failed to erect any signposts on the way. We build such signposts. How? In the manner that is adequate to your business, sector, and financial standing. Perhaps we will not offer you all the advertising solutions, but only those that you need. We want your business to run smoothly, because owing to this you will stay with us for a long time.

What we do?

Social media

Google Adwords


Word of mouth marketing

Influence marketing

SEO positioning

Positioning has been generally recognised by e-marketing experts as the best and most effective form of online advertising.
Every website should be promoted in a search engine. At present, Google is an absolute leader on the Polish market. 97% Polish Internet users use Google every day to search for information. For a website to be profitable, it has to be positioned as high as possible in search results. We have made websites of our Clients in top positions for years.

Did you know that…

Poles use search engines most often in Europe, with an average of 156.8 enquiries per person every month?

Owing to positioning, bout 80% new users a will open your website because of a search engine?

86% users trust SEO results more that offers paid for a click?

According to studies, more than 77% users click original results rather than sponsored ones.

We offer a preferential mixed settlement system, which enables to position a website effectively, preventing its exposure to a Google filter. Within the mixed system, you pay a low monthly subscription fee; owing to this, you can spend more money on obtaining links and more time on valuable analytical work. Fees for positioning are charged only when your website is within top10 Google. If you do not achieve a set objective within an agreed timeframe, you can terminate the contract with an immediate effect, without any consequences.

We do not average positions during a month. We value keywords by setting daily rates; thanks to this, you know what you pay for. We provide every Client with access to a clear dashboard, which presents plainly the current situation in search results. As of the end of a month, we send a positioning report, where you can find a detailed analysis of positions and settlements.

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Google AdWords

Advertising with sponsored links (Google Adwords) is a perfect solution for those who want to have full control over their advertising costs. Google Adwords is characterised by excellent configuration possibilities. Advertising can be targeted very precisely, so that it is displayed only to receivers you care about. Colloquially called ‘Adwords’, this form of advertising is excellent also to provide immediate visibility in Google search results, because unlike in SEO we do not have to wait so long for results.

We are certified Google Partner so you can be sure our campaign will be of the highest quality and well optimized.

Google Adwords advertising can be visible in:

  • search results
  • an advertising network
  • remarketing, i.e. display tracking advertising
  • YouTube films

Do you know that?

Owing to a Google AdWords campaign, you website can be visible in the top10 Google results already 5 minutes after its start.

Google Adwords advertising allows to trace a user of your website, by showing him the adverts of your business on external portals visited currently by the user.

The presence of your website both in the original and paid results increases the readiness of a user to enter your website.

Social media

Social media, especially Facebook, have a unique power to develop human consciousness today. News, latest products, and curiosities are first published in social media, because their viewing figures are highest there. Interesting information, memes, and photos can be distributed at a speed of light in social media portals.

Therefore, your e-marketing should include social media as well. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus are the sites where your business should find itself and start acquiring new customers.

We provide the service of fan pages in social media such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We run professional advertising campaigns with influence marketing, which will attract new fans to your brand. We communicate with customers on your behalf and maintain best relationships. Take care of your image in social media.

Do you know that…

Every fourth inhabitant of the Earth has a Facebook account?

More than 1 billion people use Facebook every day?!

There are more than 1.65 billion Facebook accounts already?

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