We enjoy integrating. We also like to integrate our products with IT systems.
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When creating new websites, online stores, and web applications, we often hear the question from our clients about the integration of our products with external IT systems. This issue is mentioned very often and you need to know that this is not an obstacle for us.

If you want to use numerous tools on a single panel level conveniently, display statistics from your store, e.g. in a mobile application, and send texts automatically when an order is placed – come to us.

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What IT integrations do we make?

Single- or double-sided

Online payment systems


E-commerce stores with accounting software

CRMs with CMS systems (websites)

Warehouse systems with E-commerce stores

In the times of hundreds of varied web solutions, data scattering is very likely. It poses a hindrance for data analysis and processing.

Integration example:

Company X does e-commerce sales using Prestashop. The same company also uses accounting software with an accessible API. When placing an order, the store can connect to the accounting system automatically and download information about a user’s balance. An amount can be added to the basket when an order is placed or the option can be blocked a deferred date.

In addition to fixed continuous integrations, we also prepare (to order) single-use scripts, for example to export/import databases of customers, products, etc. between systems.

What are the advantages of system integration?

  • Numerous platforms can operate independently, exchanging only required data

  • Data between systems are coherent

  • Minimise the time required to enter the same data a number of times

  • Automatize sales processes, excluding a human factor

  • Integrations can solve complex problems

  • Processes are instant, repeatable, and scalable

  • Increased productivity and your profits

  • We obtain the synergy effect 2+2=5

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