At first, there is chaos, which we put into a whole. In short, this is what we do in order to change the idea of our Clients of a visual image for a newly-established firm.

Visual identification

Even before starting any graphic work, we try to learn the expectations of our Client and his sector. In general, we begin with a logo design, because this is usually a starting point for any further graphic work. A next stage is the creation of a basic brand book, where all details about the logo are included, such as the description of logo construction, information about its proper use, protective fields, possible colour configurations, typography, etc. A brand book is the foundation for further graphic work.

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What do we do?


Business cards and letterheads

Envelopes and folders


DTP layout


Do you know that our brain can process images 60,000 time faster than texts?

You should also be aware that 90% of information that enters our mind is the visual part. Therefore, when we read news every morning, the first element we focus our attention on are images. This is also how you react when you look at book covers, product packaging, and advertising posters. Before you even start to read their content, your brain is already perfectly aware of the images and based on them it can assess if something is good or bad.
Conclusion? Before your customer reads how perfect your products are, his initial attention will be drawn to the visual identification of your business. If he does not like it, it will be difficult to change this first impression..

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