Do you wonder how to use a mobile application in promoting your business? Are you not sure how all this works?
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The times when phones were used only for calling and texting are long gone. Today, for most of us a smartphone is a tool that facilitates our daily life and makes it more enjoyable – they are handy notebooks, dieticians, business consultants, stylists, guides, and even payment cards, management tools, and minicomputers. Your customers also use smartphones more than before (sometimes even more often than computers), checking their screens even several dozen times a day. Mobile applications are everyday life for smartphone users, which give them an opportunity to use all functions of their phones.

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What opportunities are offered by mobile applications we create?

Are you still not certain how you could use mobile applications?
Here are a few examples:

Sales management

Extending your offer and making it more attractive

Reaching a larger group of customers

Making your brand more reliable and raising its awareness

Making consumers loyal to your products or services

Accelerating the achievement of business objectives.

How is this possible? The answer is simple – smartphones are owned by most of your customers (it is estimated that ¾ of the population have access to mobile phones). And unlike with computers, they have almost 24h access to them.

What are the advantages of mobile applications?

Mobile applications work fast.

They can operate offline.

They can download data from a camera, GPS, NFC, and display ‘live’ messages.

They shorten the way to using your services or making contacts – the user does not have to start a browser and look for information in the service.

Any installed applications remain in the phone until removed by the user.

They can be personalised – users can monitor their favourite products or content, use promotions, have a membership card always with them, and access to a loyalty system. In short – everything that matters to them is available in one place, and access to selected modules is fast and easy.

It does sound promising, doesn’t it? :)

Mobile application design and creation – how does it work?

You can design and deploy a mobile application with us for your customers, and make it available in Google Play, AppStore or Windows Store. Your customers will be able to download it in a selected store and install it on their phone.

We design mobile applications for the three most popular operating systems:

  • android-logo
  • apple-logo

What comes next?

Now you can let us know if you are interested in creating your own mobile application :) We can meet and talk about your expectations. If you like us and our ideas, we can move on to project implementation. We will agree on your objectives, prepare graphic designs, and present how the application will look. We will prepare a BETA version that can be tested at your will and after final approval… your application will be launched into the world!

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