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ALPINA Leasing was established in 2016 by independent leasing brokers who wanted to introduce a new quality in the services of corporate finance. ALPINA Leasing is a group of independent experts who use their experience and knowledge to raise dedicated and streamlined funding of cars, machines, yachts, motorboats, medical equipment, etc.


Objective to be fulfilled

After the initial discussion with the Management Board of ALPINA Leasing, we realized that we had to face a major challenge and many hours of hard work. We were to render all services available in our offer:

  • branding,
  • www,
  • seo,
  • sem,
  • social media

In other words, everything that is necessary for the effective and professional operation in the Internet.

Effects of our work

Our project started with designing the complete visual identification of the business. A modern and trustworthy logo was created, together with a whole package of printed materials, from folders to roll-ups.

Online service

The website we have created is a complete reflection of the ALPINA Leasing brand. We designed the website based on the developed visual identification. We had to remember about the most important issues, such as UX and SEO optimization, because we had planned to position the website in Google.

Online advertising

After the launch of the website, we began to work on its visibility in the network. The simultaneous work in Google AdWords, Social Media, and SEO started to bring the expected results.

Advertising figures after 12 months of work:

  • We increased the positioning traffic by 800%.
  • A low CPC in the Google AdWords campaign at PLN 0.35.
  • Hits from Goggle to the website take place with more than 8,600 phrases!

What is next?

From the beginning of our cooperation to this date, we have been implementing effective measures in promoting the ALPINA Leasing brand online. Our work generates thousands of hits on the website every month. Moreover, we take all steps related to the service development. Owing to this, the online life of the ALPINA Leasing brand is doomed to succeed.

Project in figures


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