Ahmad Tea London is a brand that symbolizes the outstanding quality of tea, where every production process is subject to strict controls. The company is based in the United Kingdom, and its Polish distributor is Levant Sp. z o.o. The high quality of products and their international character required us to design a polished online service. Please read the short case study below.



During the first visit, we were given objectives and expectations for the new online service. The task of the website was to attract lovers of excellent tea through fun. The service was to offer functions such as a:

  • Contest system with a meme generation option,
  • Quiz system,
  • Log in and registration,
  • Facebook application integrated with the website system,

Our job was also to freshen up the graphic design of the whole website and produce it according to the key visual of the brand.

Results of our work

We started our project by designing a competition system and the launch of the Facebook application. The next stage was to design the graphic design for the whole service and its coding. In parallel, work continued on developing the functionality of a competition contest module.

Facebook application

We created a Facebook application that can be managed in a simple manner with an administration panel. The application enables generating so-called memes, enter them into a contest, and share them with other Facebook users. An administrator can manage entries easily, publish winning memes, and even load new backgrounds into the generator. The application operates simultaneously on Facebook and the website; thanks to this, it is not necessary to create two independent solutions, minimising implementation costs. Using a single Facebook account, you can log into the website without registering again, which makes it easy for users to switch between the Facebook application and the website service.

Website service

Ahmad Tea London is, as they say, a ‘brand that focuses on QUALITY’; therefore, the website had to fulfil high requirements. We built a service with the option to log in and register with social media accounts. Every user can generate memes, enter them into the contest, and take part in a quiz. In addition to functions that attract new users, one can also find a catalogue of products there, with a link to an e-commerce store. The website has an administration panel; through this, our client can manage contests and enter new content without the involvement of an expert.

What comes next?

Our cooperation with Levant sp. z o.o. is on a long-term basis and we are responsible for modernising other services owned by the company.

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